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Re: *.ppt slides

Subject: Re: *.ppt slides
From: Jeffrey Altman
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 18:00:59 -0500
Stewart Bryant wrote:
> Generally speaking just getting the slides before the
> slot is difficult enough without specifying a format
> that the author may not normally use.

As a chair, I believe it is my responsibility to either
obtain the presentations as PDF or convert them to PDF
before posting to the meeting materials page.

It is not fair for those paying attention to the meeting
via audio stream or Jabber to be forced to perform the
conversions on their own.  It is more important to me
that I obtain the participation than push the conversion
chore off on someone else.

I also believe that presenters should for the benefit
of the audio stream state the slide number they are on
as they give their presentation.  This is important not
only for those listening live but also for those who listen
to the archive later on.

Jeffrey Altman
Kitten Chair
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