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Re: Consensus? #733 Outsourcing principle

Subject: Re: Consensus? #733 Outsourcing principle
From: Scott W Brim
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 07:29:27 -0500
On 1/12/2005 04:51, Harald Tveit Alvestrand allegedly wrote:

In principle, IETF administrative functions should be
outsourced. Decisions to perform specific functions
"in-house" should be explicitly justified by the IAOC
and restricted to the minimum staff required, with these
decisions and staffing reviewed by the IAOC on a regular
basis and against a "zero base" assumption.

"Minimum staff required" is a little difficult. One can do anything with existing staff if quality and timeliness don't matter. The IAOC has to determine those parameters as part of deciding staffing levels. I suggest "minimum staff required to perform the functions satisfactorily as determined by the IAOC", or something along those lines.

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