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Re: Consensus? #733 Outsourcing principle

Subject: Re: Consensus? #733 Outsourcing principle
From: Scott Bradner
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 08:00:52 -0500 EST
harald asks
> We have to adjust the second sentence (referring to "such contracts" would 
> become ambiguous), so the total paragraph becomes:

   In principle, IETF administrative functions should be
   outsourced. Decisions to perform specific functions
   "in-house" should be explicitly justified by the IAOC
   and restricted to the minimum staff required, with these
   decisions and staffing reviewed by the IAOC on a regular
   basis and against a "zero base" assumption.

   The IAD is responsible for negotiating and maintaining outsourcing
   contracts, as well as providing any coordination necessary to make
   sure the IETF administrative support functions are covered properly.
   The IAOC is accountable for the structure of the IASA and thus
   decides which functions are to be outsourced.  All outsourcing must
   be via well-defined contracts or equivalent instruments.  Both
   outsourced and in-house functions must be clearly specified and
   documented with well-defined deliverables, service level agreements,
   and transparent accounting for the cost of such functions.

> Is that OK with everyone? Case closed?

ok by me


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