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Subject: Re: [Iabs-talk] [Journalists] Fwd: Dr. Bolotin Book-recommended reading
From: "Deborah Kendrick"
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 12:40:37 -0500
Carrie is absolutely right.  I hope you'll read my review, which is in the 
January Monitor.

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Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2007 12:18 PM
Subject: [Journalists] Fwd: Dr. Bolotin Book-recommended reading

>From:  Carrie Gilmer

>Subject:  Great Book-Definition of Determination
>Hello All,
>Imagine you are the proud new parent of a beautiful baby boy. Soon you
>discover he is blind. You already have a blind son and a blind daughter. It
>is 1888.
>You have no education, neither does your husband. You are a simple couple
>and very poor. Your third blind child is a precocious toddler, and shows
>brilliance even at age 4. Jobs available for the blind? you have seen the
>blind, they are selling pencils in a tin cup on the corner wearing a sign
>saying they are blind. You determine that will not be your blind children.
>It is 1888. The Blind Doctor: The Jacob Bolotin Story is the true story of
>Dr. Jacob Bolotin a renowned heart and lung specialist in the city of
>Chicago in the early 1900's. It is the story of how he made it happen when
>everything and nearly everyone in the world were against him. It is an
>awesome can't put it down read.
>You will find the actions of his parents in 1888--with no NFB--and no
>evidence before them that blind people could do things except that in their
>own children. You will find the attitude of the schools...well let's just
>say that in 1888 the attitudes displayed were NFB beliefs in many
>ways...the education of many of our children nearly 120 years later (!) has
>made shocking regressions in fundamental ways.
>You won't be able to put this book down, I guarantee it. Jacob Bolotin
>displayed more perseverance, determination, sanity in the face of insanity,
>dignity in the face of humiliation, kindness to those who rebuffed him...it
>is hard to think this man was human as you read and see his courage. But he
>was human, you do see that, and he worked himself to death in the end it
>seems at an extraordinarily young age. He is the definition of "don't give
>up". The writings describing of discrimination against him and the
>misconceptions he faced will educate even the most thick minded
>reader--have anybody in your family who doubts the future for your blind
>child or who still thinks deep inside that real success requires fully
>functioning eyeballs--give them this book for Christmas!
>You will be shocked to see this man lived at the same time as Helen Keller
>the world knows her but does not know Jacob Bolotin
>...interesting question why. Why was it easier for the world to recieve
>amazing Helen Keller but not amazing Dr. Bolotin?
>This book is all about family too--it is a wonderful story of family
>love and belief.
>I don't want to ruin any more of it for you...proceeds from the sale will
>go to an award this summer for the first time at NFB National convention to
>a blind person or organiztion that has made a significant impact within the
>blind community.
>You can get the book at www.bluepointbooks.com or call 1-800-858-1058, I
>believe it is also on bookshare.org. The book is rich with historical
>events he lived and worked through too--like the great Spanish flu epidemic
>and the race riots in Chicago in the early 1920! We were giving them away
>at convention! If I had realized I would have bought another suitcase! We
>have given the book to nearly twenty people--NO ONE has been able to put it
>down! My son was really inspired!
>You may be able to buy them from the Independence Market now at
>www.nfb.org--but I had trouble finding it on the website, you can call,
>Get your copy today!!!!!!!!
>Carrie Gilmer, President
>Minnesota Parents of Blind Children

David Andrews and white cane Harry.

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