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Re: [i18n-discuss] Review Kickoff : Localeadm Redesign One-pager

Subject: Re: [i18n-discuss] Review Kickoff : Localeadm Redesign One-pager
From: Damien Donlon
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 10:29:47 +0100
Yong Sun wrote:

> So far, we don't know what packaging system that Project Indiana would 
> use, and even now, some open-solaris distribution (like Nexenta) use 
> dpkg system. When you design the architecture of the code, I just want 
> to remind, please consider the different packaging systems.

Yes - this is a very good point. We have tried to ensure compatability 
by taking the following steps :

- Information about the image package contents comes from an XML file 
which is pregenerated and included
  in the image. So long as those creating a distro are capable of 
generating an XML file containing data about whatever sort of packages 
they are using then the C API will be able to use that data.

- We have made a clear separation between the C API as a data provider 
and the script used to actually install remove the packages. The did 
this because we are aware of the possibility that other Opensolaris 
releases may need to use different commands to install or remove content.

- We are also attempting to modularize the part of the code that read 
/var/sadm/pkg/SUNW*/pkginfo which is used for identifying packages on 
the system so that it can be overloaded/replaced easily for alternative 
packaging systems.

- I have mailed Glynn Foster requesting information about what way 
packaging is likely to work for Indiana. Last I heard it would be 
something very close to SVR4 but that might change.

- We have also explicitly flagged the dependency on /var/sadm/pkg in the 
one-pager as a consumed interface so ARC will also be able to highlight 
if this is likely to be a problem.


> Regards,
> Damien Donlon åé:
>> Hi All,
>> Please interpret the attached email as the official kick-off email for
>> GTO review. Jan Trejbal is the sponsor of the project and is also
>> collaborating on it. He is on holidays until next week but would like to
>> start gathering review comments this week.
>> Regards,
>> Damien
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> äé:
>> Localeadm Redesign One-pager Updated
>> åää:
>> Damien Donlon <Damien.Donlon@xxxxxxx>
>> ææ:
>> Sat, 21 Jul 2007 13:35:04 +0100
>> æää:
>> gto@xxxxxxx, Wenling.Chen@xxxxxxx
>> æää:
>> gto@xxxxxxx, Wenling.Chen@xxxxxxx
>> Hi All,
>> Attached is a revised one-pager for the redesign of localeadm created by
>> myself and Jan Trejbal. GTO procedural details :
>> Sponsor : Jan Trejbal
>> Approval mechanism/voting: explicit vote
>> Auto-approval after 1 week Deadline for comments/discussion: 1 week. 
>> It can be extended for one
>> more week if needed.
>> Background
>> ------------
>> The one-pager is an extensive reworking of the original design based on
>> discussions with the Caiman installer team who are anxious to be
>> provided by G11n with a new API for identifying installable content
>> during install.
>> Unfortunately, the original redesign was unacceptable to the Installer
>> team because it called for the use of .virtual_package_toc and other
>> interfaces in the install image. They own these interfaces and could not
>> guarantee their stability for future Solaris releases and requested that
>> we help them in providing a new interface.  
>> We have flagged particular areas on which we would like comments with
>> the string "GTO".
>> Additional documents references in the one-pager :
>> Example use cases and pseudo-code :
>> http://qa.central/localeadm/use_cases/localeadm-functions.html
>> Latest version of API header file at:
>> http://qa.central/localeadm/c/img_g11n_info.h
>> localeadm.Xml sample at:
>> http://qa.central/localeadm/xml/LocaleadmXML.xml
>> Looking forward to your feedback!
>> Regards,
>> Damien
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