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Re: dns resolution timeouts

Subject: Re: dns resolution timeouts
From: Mark Burgess
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 18:55:33 +0100
Eli Stair wrote:

I've seen mention of adding functionality to CFE in the future to assign it to an interface to use, but a quickie in your case may be to just add a static route to the IP of your cfengine server and adding its entry in /etc/hosts.


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Subject: dns resolution timeouts

Hello all:

I have a cfengine client that has to physical interfaces. One it uses to talk to cfengine and it has an ip address that is in dns. The other it would like cfagent to ignore completely as it's causing a problem with dns timeouts as it's ip addresses are not in dns. Is there some way for me to make it either ignore that interface or at least not try to resolve the ip's?



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have you tried the BindToInterface functionality? (see manual)

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