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Re: Load balancing with cfengine

Subject: Re: Load balancing with cfengine
From: Alexander Jolk
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 16:23:52 +0200
Newsgroups: gnu.cfengine.help
Jason Edgecombe wrote:
I'm currently using the splaytime option to spread out the load on my server, but I'm wondering how many clients a cfengine server can accomodate. When would we need to set up multiple servers and how should we go about that?
I have started to use three servers on both my sites when I found that
300 clients just was a bit too much. (My cfengine servers do other
things as well, not just cfengine.) I'm using quite a simple random

   { strategy_cfserver
   sc_master: "2"
   sc_serv1:  "2"
   sc_serv2:  "2"

      fileserver = ( masterserver.buf.fr )
      masterfiles = ( /vol/cfengine/masters )
      fileserver = ( slaveserver_1.buf.fr )
      masterfiles = ( /DATA/cfengine-2/masters )
      fileserver = ( slaveserver_2.buf.fr )
      masterfiles = ( /srv/cfengine/masters )

As you can see, calling cfagent by hand always goes on the master server; different servers can export their configuration from different directories.
The slave servers themselves copy the configuration from the master
server, using a simple recursive copy with purge=true, once an hour.
That way, up to two hours can pass after a config file push until all
machines have caught up.
I'm sure there are other ways to to load balancing.


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