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Re: cfexecd, FatalError(), leaves cfagent burning 100% cpu

Subject: Re: cfexecd, FatalError(), leaves cfagent burning 100% cpu
From: Chip Seraphine
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 10:24:27 -0600
I'm still getting lots of hung agents and I'd love to try that SIGPIPE patch. Could whomever has got that patch installed and working please share a current version of it that works with 2.1.11? (Or at least confirm that nonesuch exists?)


Mark Burgess wrote:

That SIGPIPE patch was a no brainer. It caused cfagent to hang completely.


On Thu, Nov 11, 2004 at 01:25:56PM +1100, Jamie Wilkinson wrote:
This one time, at band camp, Tom Carlile wrote:
This is not only specific to Debian.  I have seen this same behavior on
Redhat AS2.1 and ES3 hosts.  Yes it is burning cpu writing to closed
pipes. Any hope of a fix making it into the main cfengine? Thanks,
I'm still seeing this behaviour with cfengine 2.1.11 from Dag Wieer's repo,
on RHEL ES 3; cfexecd -F run from cron, cfagent processes die but aren't
being cleaned up.

Did that SIGPIPE patch make it in?

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