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Re: Re[2]: [Haskell-cafe] Ray tracer

Subject: Re: Re[2]: [Haskell-cafe] Ray tracer
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 22:09:28 -0400

Quoting Bulat Ziganshin <[email protected]>:

> and why you stopped at 0.5?

I left that job.

Interestingly, I still own the IP on it, apart from some trade
secret (namely the specific target language it was designed for).

> was it due to haskell limitations or
> something else? how haskell looks in this area compared to other
> languages (and what other languages you used)?

The other two were in C++, and there's no comparison.  Declarative
languages are optimal for writing (their own!) compilers in.

Andrew Bromage
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