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Re: [hants] Gmail - WHY

Subject: Re: [hants] Gmail - WHY
From: Alan Pope
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 23:21:57 +0100
On Wed, 6 Oct 2004 22:39:20 +0100, Ken Adams <[email protected]> wrote:
> I'm sorry if I'm missing something obviousâ.. 

Ok, a troll, but I'll feed it none the less.

A LOT of people in corporate environments need to have access to a
personal email system as they;-

a) dont have a server at home or any other server that they pay for
that can host their mail
b) move about from one site to another, and dont have access to one
mail client on all sites
c) need to be able to keep in personal contact without having to worry
about silly corporate rules that forbid the use of company email for
personal use.

Most of these people tend to go for web based mail systems such as
yahoo or hotmail and their ilk. The main problem is that these people
have now been around for a while and need quite a bit of space to
store their old emails, or get sent monster attachments (photos and
the like) which means they frequently run out of space.

The main issue I have with hotmail and yahoo mail (aside from the
space allocated to each user) is their interface is shockingly bad.
It's generally slow and overladen with graphics. The same could be
said for search engines in the past, then along comes google and made
a nice lean easy to use clean search engine. They've done the same
with gmail, create a clean, easy to use lean email system which
happens to have monster amounts of storage compared to everyone else
(hotmail/yahoo included).

Fact is that having a gmail acocunt means that people can stay in
touch, keep, store and find their mail easily with (currently) no
financial outlay at all. This is generally speaking a good thing.

Now for you or me with a server we pay for or a box at home we may not
be able to see the attractiveness of having a gig of storage, when we
can have much more than that. I would argue that it's not the space
that's the big deal, it's the interface, it's (in mine and many
peoples opinion) far better than any web mail system on the planet.

Now I've heard arguments that mutt/pine/a.n.other console based mail
client is better/more advanced/etc than gmail, and that may well be
true. However the vast majority of companies I work at do not allow
ssh or telnet out of the company network and as such that pretty much
rules out console based email systems.

I sum up with a little haiku I have just composed.

Google mail account,
I find it lovely to use,
some dont, thats okay.

(apologies, it's the first one I've written ever and I'm very tired).


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