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Re: Gcc 3.4.6 v. Tru64 UNIX: yacc problem

Subject: Re: Gcc 3.4.6 v. Tru64 UNIX: yacc problem
From: Rainer Orth
Date: 29 Jun 2006 10:39:56 +0200
[email protected] writes:

> I see that someone else had a similar problem on HP-UX (but that fellow
> got no obvious response):
> On Tru64 (V5.1B-3) it looks like this ("make bootstrap-lean", not very
> far in):
> [...]
> yacc --name-prefix=__gettext --output plural.c
> ../../gcc-3.4.6/intl/plural.y
> usage: yacc -svdlt [-b prefix] [-p sym_prefix] [-P path] [-N num] file
> *** Exit 1
> Stop.
> [...]
> Apparently, someone has a better yacc than I have.
> Is there any known fix/work-around?

For building GCC from a tarball, you shouldn't need yacc at all because the
generated files are already included.  On the other hand, if the .y files
are newer than their corresponding .c files (for whatever reason, like
clock skew between client and nfs server or whatever else), you need GNU
bison, as is documented here:

GNU Bison version 1.28 (or later)
    Berkeley yacc (byacc) is also reported to work other than for GCJ.

    Necessary when modifying *.y files.

    Necessary to build GCC during development because the generated output
    files are not included in the SVN repository. They are included in

Hope this helps.


Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

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