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{Disarmed} {Virus?} Personal Account Verification

Subject: {Disarmed} {Virus?} Personal Account Verification
From: Wells Fargo Bank
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 21:28:52 +0100
Newsgroups: gnu.g++.lib.bug
Warning: This message has had one or more attachments removed
Warning: (the entire message).
Warning: Please read the "ShopCentar-Attachment-Warning.txt" attachment(s) for 
more information.

This is a message from the MailScanner E-Mail Virus Protection Service
The original e-mail attachment "the entire message"
was believed to be dangerous and/or infected by a virus and has been
replaced by this warning message.

Due to limitations placed on us by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers
Act 2000, we were unable to keep a copy of the infected attachment. Please
ask the sender of the message to disinfect their original version and send
you a clean copy.

At Sat Feb 11 21:33:46 2006 the scanner said:
   ClamAV Module: msg-5379-126.html was infected: HTML.Phishing.Bank-296


MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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