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Re: STL under Red Hat E 4

Subject: Re: STL under Red Hat E 4
From: Paul Pluzhnikov
Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 09:15:03 -0700
[email protected] writes:

> With gcc I obtain the error

As you should: RH-7.3 used g++-2.95 (IIRC), RHEL-4 uses g++ 3.x
which is much more standards compliant.

> ../platform/hashmap.h:9: error: `::hash_map' has not been declared
> ../platform/hashmap.h:10: error: `::hash' has not been declared

Your code is broken WRT both gcc-2.95 (which defined std::hash_map,
not ::hash_map), and gcc-3.x (which defines __gcc_cxx::hash_map).

See pg. 13 of this document:

> Somebody said me that in Red Hat Enterprise 4 there are some
> differences in the library management.

There are, but they have nothing to do with your problem.

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