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Re: auto-indent in emacs

Subject: Re: auto-indent in emacs
From: "Davis Herring"
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 11:39:33 -0800 PST
>   > > Why?
>   > > TAB does `indent-region' just fine
>   >
>   > Only with Transient Mark Mode.
> i.e. by default.

Well, either `indent-region' is important enough, even in the presence of
TAB/TMM, to get a keybinding (currently C-M-\), in which case it's
worthwhile to consider whether certain keyboards have difficulty
generating that event, or it's not, in which case we can just get rid of
the keybinding altogether now that TMM is the default and have one more
available for user customization (for those users on whose keyboards it is
a convenient chord).  Saying "it's a bad keybinding but we really don't
want it anyway" strikes me as nonsensical.


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