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Re: print with DejaVu font from emacs

Subject: Re: print with DejaVu font from emacs
From: harven
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 17:12:00 +0100
Thanks for your reply.
Instead of converting to html, I think I will just open the file in the
browser and print from there. DejaVu is also used as the default monospace 
in my browser.

I am a bit surprised by your comment on postscript not supporting unicode.
I successfully print unicode/DejaVu text files from gedit. Redirecting
the output to a virtual printer, I get a well behaved postscript file
that displays the DejaVu fonts without problem. From what I have seen,
the unicode characters appearing in the text file are redefined in
the postscript. I don't know what part of the gnome desktop generates the 
postscript though.

Is there some plan (or obstruction) to implement that feature in emacs
with ps-print ? That is, being able to print a buffer with the (unicode, ttf) 
font actually displayed in the buffer instead of the bdf default Courier ?
Or maybe I can put it on the wishlist.


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