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Re: ergonomic based emacs keyboard shortcut set

Subject: Re: ergonomic based emacs keyboard shortcut set
From: boskom
Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 17:47:09 -0700 PDT
On May 2, 2:40 am, Xah <[email protected]> wrote:
> On May 1, 7:59 am, harven <[email protected]> wrote:
> > Do you have the frequency of the C-x prefix ?
> > I use it pretty often, just wondering what's his rating.
> The answer i found was that, the way of emacs keybinding
> infrastructure, prefix keys don't correspond to any command.
> Umm.. actually, it can be counted by summing up the count of all
> commands with that prefix key.
> Thanks for this idea. I'll add this to the frequency report.
> > I definitively want to try your layout. Two remarks though.
> > C-h =  delete-backward-char is mandatory for me.
> > Too many applications use it that way. And the h key is
> > a perfect spot on the Dvorakkeyboard.
> Yeah. I agree.
> This shortcut set doesn't do any C-Âkey remapping, so it's still
> there.
> > Also, C-t, M-t and M-c on a Dvorakkeyboarddefinitely deserve
> > better shortcuts than the default ones.
> > I am currently using  C-t as the C-x prefix and M-t as
> > M-x.
> Good choices. I have C-t for C-x too. For M-x, i have it at M-a. The M-
> t is reserved for parts of the arrows on homerow set.
>   Xah
>   [email protected]
> â
> â

I have used your ergonomic_keybinding_querty.el a bit. It is
interesting, it looks like it is the right way to go. Solution is
elegant and does not interfere with or disable common shortcuts. There
are two small issues I encountered: The first is that if CUA is
enabled in emacs 22 moving around with page up/down (M-Shift-i and M-
Shift-k) sets mark and starts selecting a region. The other issue is
that on Windows pressing righ-alt + right-shift sometimes changes
Windows keyboard layout.

The main issue for me still remains position of Control keys, but this
needs to be addressed by a keyboard manufacturer.


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