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Re: code completion

Subject: Re: code completion
From: Bastien Guerry
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 09:11:19 +0000

Richard G Riley <[email protected]> writes:

>> It's indeed a shame that no one of you young programmers who need this
>> ``modern IDE'' stuff steps forward to add such features to Emacs.
>> Don't just rely on us old farts!
> I'm not a young programmer. And certainly not an elisp programmer. As
> for "need" we dont really "need" more than a text editor, but like all
> productivity tools sometimes additions like code completion make life a
> lot easier.

The OP posted the question on an emacs mailing list, so I assume he
wants to use Emacs.  With this in mind, it looks more useful to tell 
him about possible solutions or other ways to get answers, rather than
proposing him to cancel his request.


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