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backup with revisions

Subject: backup with revisions
From: "H S"
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 13:45:34 -0400
Hello all,

I hope someone could shed me some light how to get backup with
revisions to work.  What I found out is that the code below seems to
work in certain directories but not those  CVS'd ones.    I am not
sure whether CVS has anything to do with it.

(require 'backup-dir "~/backup-dir.el")
(setq bkup-backup-directory-info
      '((t "~/.backups" ok-create full-path)))
(setq backup-by-copying t
      delete-old-versions t
      kept-old-versions 2
      kept-new-versions 6
      version-control t)

Thank you.

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