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Re: Emacs bindings in other programs

Subject: Re: Emacs bindings in other programs
From: Rajappa Iyer
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 12:06:15 -0700
Amy Templeton <[email protected]> writes:

> Martin Rubey <[email protected]>
>> John <[email protected]> writes:
>> > I know what you mean. Frequently I go from Emacs to, say, Firefox, and
>> > accidentally hit Emacs keys causing FF to try and print pages, open
>> > new windows, select all, and so on. 
> I'd highly recommend Firemacs, which sets up (customizable) Emacs-like
> keybindings for Firefox. 

The problem with Firemacs is that I couldn't figure out a way to turn it
off for particular URLs.  e.g. Google Reader uses fairly sane
keybindings that I'd like to keep using.  Am I missing something?

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