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Re: citation separation in reftex

Subject: Re: citation separation in reftex
From: Tyler Smith
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 03:15:13 GMT
On 2007-02-15, Jim Ottaway <j.ottaway@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 15 Feb 2007, Tyler Smith wrote:

>> I'm having a small problem with Auctex/Reftex. I often have multiple
>> citations to include, and since the default separation is a comma with
>> no space, the citation extends beyond the limits of the paragraph and
>> autofill can't deal with it. How can I set reftex to insert citations
>> separated by ', ' instead of ',' ?
>> I tried the info manuals, but I couldn't find the answer there.
> Unfortunately, it appears to be hard-coded that way in reftex-cite.el in
> the function reftex-citation and passim.  

Thanks! I found the relevant section in reftex-do-citation:

      (let ((concat-keys (mapconcat 'car selected-entries ",")))

and switched it to:

      (let ((concat-keys (mapconcat 'car selected-entries ", ")))

I put the modified function in scratch and c-x c-e to run it, and now
the function works as I want. How do I get the modifed code to run
automatically? I tried putting it in .emacs but that doesn't work. 


Tyler Smith
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