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Auto xml end-tag

Subject: Auto xml end-tag
From: Trond Hersløv
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 12:56:56 +0200

I am myself not able to program to new things into my emacs, but I have a strong wish for a certain functionality.
Maybe there already exists a library that someone can show me how to include, of if not, maybe some of you also thinks this is a good idea, and actually make the effort to program it.

Much of my work nowdays includes writing som kind of sgml based text files: XML, HTML, JSP, config files (eg. Apache webserver) etc.

One of the biggest problems with these textfiles is the mismatch of start and end tag. For example:
<MyTag>This is the body</Mytag>
Errors like this is often in a big file hard to find, so my whish for a new functionality is this:

After I have written <MyTag> or <MyTag attr1="test" attr="hello"> I could press e.g Ctrl-t and emacs would insert </MyTag> for me.

It would very nice if it could work recursiv ofcourse, but if it only works for the last tag, it would be fine too.

Who can help me?
Freiendly regards

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