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RE: using Xresources for geometry

Subject: RE: using Xresources for geometry
From: "Drew Adams"
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 07:47:13 -0700
    is there a way to automate the handling of all those [library]
    dependencies so that I don't have to do it by hand?

Don't have to what by hand?

Put all of the libraries in a directory that is in your load-path, then load
the library (doremi-frm.el) that is at the root of the dependency tree. What
is so hard about that?

You don't have to think about it - just put all the libraries in a sack and
pull the root library (doremi-frm.el) out of the sack; everything else will
follow, hanging on.


BTW, you might be interested in library `lib-requires.el'
(, which provides
these commands for keeping track of library dependencies:

 - lib-requires-tree:
   The libraries (files or features) `require'd by LIBRARY, as a tree.

 - lib-requires:
   The libraries ultimately `require'd by LIBRARY, as a flat list.

 - insert-lib-requires-as-comment:
   Insert a comment listing all libraries ultimately required by LIBRARY.

In particular, you can use `lib-requires-tree' to see which libraries
require which libraries.

However, these commands work by *loading* all of the required libraries, so
they won't help you if the libraries are not available in your load-path.

One limitation, unfortunately, is that these commands cannot distinguish
between "hard" and "soft" `require's - because Emacs does not record the
distinction. A "soft" `require' is one with a non-nil third argument: the
"required" library is in fact *optional*. These commands treat all
`require'd libraries as "required" libraries - so they are overly
conservative. But they can still help you understand what's going on.

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