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Re: How to make "C-M-v" to work on i386 linux?

Subject: Re: How to make "C-M-v" to work on i386 linux?
From: Peter Dyballa
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 10:26:55 +0200
Am 12.09.2005 um 07:29 schrieb Mohd. Jeffry:

If I split in two windows, I want to be able to scroll the other window using C-M-v . I'm using a regualar i386 pc keybord and Crtl-Alt-v combo doesn't work. I don't wnat to settle for ESC Ctrl-v or M-x scroll-other-window.
I think you have five options:

- another X server
- another key combination
- another keyboard
- another GNU Emacs
- build GNU Emacs yourself with prepared C header files for X11

Combining many keys to create one key event is a function that your X11 server does. To do so it needs definitions in its C header files. GNU Emacs, as any other X client, is using this capability. I too think that there are keyboards that cannot report that three or more keys are pressed together -- who would do that voluntarily?
Have you checked what is returned when you first do 'M-x global-set-key
<your key combination> RET' and then C-x Esc Esc
(repeat-complex-command)? Is there some numerical value reported to
which the function is bound? If so this statement can be put into your
.emacs file ...


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