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bug#737: vc-dir reports unregistered-then-deleted file is "up-to-date"

Subject: bug#737: vc-dir reports unregistered-then-deleted file is "up-to-date"
From: Stefan Monnier
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 11:44:11 -0500
Newsgroups: gnu.emacs.bug
>> Actually, the stay-local feature in CVS is (for me) not so much to work
>> offline (since CVS is not really usable in that circumstance), but so
>> that M-x vc-dir RET doesn't take ages to give me a buffer.  I very often
>> want to have a *vc-dir* buffer to see which files I've modified, then
>> either open them, or get a diff of the changes I made, ... all those
>> operations can be made in much less time than it takes for "cvs
>> update -n" (or "cvs status") to finish.

> Wow, this answer is a blast from the past...

Yes, I was going through some forgotten old emails.

> You can get the above by setting a variable, doing it by default for CVS
> does not seem like a good idea.

Good, thanks.

>> Yes, it's too bad that vc-dir is still lacking such features at
>> this point.  Not enough contributors, it seems.
> You are giving vc-dir too much credit here, in itself it's nothing more
> than a pretty printer and a GUI that can return multiple selections.
> What's missing is the mechanism to do these things in VC.  Once VC has
> support for vc-pull, adding such support to vc-dir should be easy.

I guess you're right, but I don't see VC and vc-dir as so separate.
Especially not for vc-pull since it would (most likely) only/mostly be
available through vc-dir.

> Maybe you want to make some public statement saying that VC is in good
> shape now, and that contributions to improve it are welcome and very
> much wanted... 

Of course, now that we're in feature freeze, it's kind of ill-timed.


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