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Re: double click filenames with spaces

Subject: Re: double click filenames with spaces
From: Matthew Woehlke
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 16:31:36 -0500
Newsgroups: gnu.bash.bug

maryatthelake wrote:
I am using voice recognition software (Dragon Naturally Speaking)  with the
bash shell. I have a command that double clicks on a filename then copies it
and does a  cd  to it  on the command line. Of course, the command doesn't
work when there is a space in the filename (Windows XP).   I would like to
just place the cursor on the filename and be able to select the entire name
using double click or some other combination of mouse or keyboard commands. Dragging the cursor from the beginning of the filename to the end is not
acceptable.   Can someone help?   Is there a way to tell the bash shell that
the spaces inside a filename can be picked up by the doublelick or some
other key command? All of the filename that I create don't have spaces, but
I always seem to encounter some that do.
bash does not interact with mice at all. This is the job of your
terminal emulator. You either need to change your terminal emulator, or
the command that produces file names, or both.
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