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From: Rafael Espindola
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 11:16:14 -0500
> I am also adding the PLUGIN_PARSED_UNIT event in the same patch. Maybe I
> should remove that. My fuzzy motivation is to allow plugin to do something
> when all the compilation unit has been parsed, but not much else has been
> done. Imagine a company policy requiring that every *.c has a static const
> copyright[] = "...." string. Won't that be the easiest place to check such a
> crazy requirement inside a plugin? Also, perhaps G.Marpons coding rule
> checking would fit best at that place (but I am not sure, not knowing well
> the implementation of his work) See
> http://ols.fedoraproject.org/GCC/Reprints-2008/marpons-reprint.pdf

Sorry for taking so long, was very busy.

Would you mind splitting the patch in 2? One for pargma one for parsed_unit.

This part about pragmas is very similar to what we have for
attributes. Maybe it should use the same style? Something like

 PLUGIN_PRAGMAS,            /* Called during pragma registration.  */

Can you add a small testcase.?

> Regards.
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