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Re: [PATCH, 2/4] Enable libstdc++ as a DLL on windows platforms.

Subject: Re: [PATCH, 2/4] Enable libstdc++ as a DLL on windows platforms.
From: "Aaron W. LaFramboise"
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 14:11:09 -0700
Dave Korn wrote:
Paolo Bonzini wrote:
Dave Korn wrote:
  This is patch #2 in the series.  It adds autoconf tests for libstdc++
support wrapper functions present in the Cygwin DLL, and adds an option (only
present for Cygwin and defaulted according to the autoconf test) to make the
compiler invoke the wrappers when linking.
If you get agreement for the MinGW guys, this could as well test
"cygmin* | pe | mingw*" here and fuse the two case statements (and move
everything from cygwin.h to cygming.h or whatever it is called).  This
would be preferrable, no?

  In theory yes, but not until after they have implemented support wrappers in
the MinGW runtime (these are already present in the latest released Cygwin
DLL), and they may even decide to take a different approach for their
platform.  I didn't want to assume they'll be able to do that straight away,
so I figured that might be the subject of a later patch - when they've got the
support upstream, they can merge the two cases and move the specs to the
common file as you suggest.

The complaint I have always had against using ld -wrap for this sort of thing is that it takes this command away from the users, as least naively. But this may not be a big deal.

In any case, MinGW doesn't have the wrappers, and we shouldn't block this patch (or break i386-pc-mingw32) due to this, especially since this is really quite minor. I would say go ahead with your original patch.

Can you give some advice on exactly how to write the wrappers, and exactly how they work? It would be good to have this documented somewhere, if only a paragraph or two on the GCC Wiki.

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