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Re: PATCH, libiberty: new make_cwd_temp_file function

Subject: Re: PATCH, libiberty: new make_cwd_temp_file function
From: "Joseph S. Myers"
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 12:00:33 +0000 UTC
On Thu, 16 Jul 2009, Ben Elliston wrote:

> The LTO branch introduces the following new function in libiberty (and
> it is used) :-).  I propose to bring this patch into mainline in
> preparation for the LTO merge.  Tested with a bootstrap.
> Okay for the trunk?

When you are reposting a patch that previously received objections, you 
need to include a pointer to the previous discussion and explain how the 
objections have been addressed or why you think they are wrong.  The 
previous discussion concluded that there was no valid use for this 
function in GCC, binutils or GDB.


Joseph S. Myers

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