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Merging the alias-improvements branch

Subject: Merging the alias-improvements branch
From: Richard Guenther
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 00:38:04 +0100 CET
I plan to merge the alias-improvements branch next weekend (in 7 days)
if all goes well.  I will do bootstrap & regtesting on the archs
I have available (x86_64, i?86, ppc, ppc64, ia64, s390 and s390x).

During the next week I will try to extract all bugfixes from the branch
and apply them separately.  I will also post a merge diff upfront
(I hope it isn't too big), but diffing the branch against the last
trunk revision that it was merged is of course possible as well in
case you want to review it (it now only contains middle-end changes,
so technically I do not need approval, and thanks to Diego most
changes already got one review).

There is ongoing compile-time and runtime performance measurements
on x86_64 with acceptable results (faster compile-time, overall slight
improvements in SPEC numbers), I do not plan to add to that - volunteers
are welcome for other architectures, but as this is tree level changes
I do not expect architecture specific differences.

I will announce the time I am doing the last trunk -> alias-improvements
branch merge and freeze the trunk for that.

Thus, this is a heads-up - if I collide with your planned merge schedule
just tell me and we can sort it out.


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