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Re: [PATCH] Add attribute "artificial"

Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add attribute "artificial"
From: Daniel Berlin
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 20:48:51 -0400
That we have to support forevermore, in weird situations?

> > Except, again, if it's user visible, it shouldn't be marked compiler
> > internal.
> > That's the point of being "user visible"
> It is not "marked" as compiler internal. Docs say that it is  
> "suitable" for compiler provided intrinsics headers.

> In any case, I have answered all questions regarding how to handle it  
> in stabs and how to handle it in DWARF.
Not really, but let's assume you did as i'd rather not go back to it at
this point.

>  Stuart has answered all  
> questions/doubts regarding with ICC does in this situation.

As Stuart has pointed out, it *has no user visible attribute* to do
So how does this help your argument?

> But we  
> are still discussing this since last two weeks. 

Half the discussion was trying to identify what actual problem you are
really trying to solve, since "users don't want to see intrinsics in
profiles"[1] turned out to not be the real problem (since the solution
there is to give them an option to hide intrinsics, on by default or
not).  Your real problem turned out to be that you have no way of that
tool knowing what was intrinsic. 

As for the rest, you certainly don't need my approval or agreement here.
If you produced a patch that any of the various maintainers necessary
felt was right, I'm sure someone would approve it.

IE the real reason you aren't making forward progress seems to be that
you can't get them to agree with you and approve the patch!

> I do not think we are  
> making any forward progress on this, so this is my last email on this  
> thread.

Produce patches that are actually acceptable to the global maintainers,
and I'm sure they will approve it.  You certainly don't need my
agreement or approval to move forward here.

[1] I'll also point out that others at Apple trying to act like it is
completely ridiculous that a user may ever want to actually see debug
info or know about an intrinsic, probably hasn't helped your cause.
Ridiculing the viewpoints of others when it's an issue that really isn't
clear cut at all, as they have done, instead of trying to understand
them, is not a good way to move forward.   Just an observation.

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