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[Bug fortran/23925] HDF5 check fails--type conversions

Subject: [Bug fortran/23925] HDF5 check fails--type conversions
From: "swhite at aei dot mpg dot de"
Date: 16 Sep 2005 23:12:07 -0000
------- Additional Comments From swhite at aei dot mpg dot de  2005-09-16 23:12 

The "make check" command runs through a battery of tests.  With gfortran, it
reports 72 failures, while with the Intel compiler, it passes everything.

I'm not sure what you're referring to regarding a simple test case.  It's a test
suite.  Maybe you could pull out a single item from the suite and call that a 

The failures seem to be of a certain type.  For example, here's an excerpt:

Testing random hw short -> unsigned short conversions                  PASSED
Testing random hw short -> int conversions                            *FAILED*
    test 1 elmt 0
        src =  bf 92                              -16494
        dst =  00 00 00 00                             0

I encourage you to download and make this package.  It's a very important one
for the working scientists who are your end users.

(And thanks for fixing the internal error bug that stopped it from compiling at



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