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Re: [Gbstrep] newbie

Subject: Re: [Gbstrep] newbie
From: "Miya Kressin"
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 11:03:40 -0600
Hi, Rowan's stools were like that too and the nutramigen worked for a short
time but then the diarrhea returned and had the awful nutramigen smell.  She
ended up having to be on soy formula to get the stomach relief.   Neocate
was not working for her either.... The stomach pain associated with milk
protein allergy (and lactose issues) can prevent sleeping as well.   So much
to worry about all the time.  Rowan is now 2 and I still worry about every
little fever.


. Her stools were
very runny and ammonia smelling and grunting a lot (almost like she is
trying to pass a stool). While she was awake, she would cry inconsolably
hours on end and prefer to be in a vertical position. She would scream
bloody murder anytime I tried to nurse her or change her diaper. The
said she might have infant reflux (GERD) and a milk protein allergy.
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