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Small Questions - gamin, threading, and OS X

Subject: Small Questions - gamin, threading, and OS X
From: "Steve Przybylski"
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 06:11:03 +0000
A couple of questions as I try to tweak 2.11.92 for OS X (someday, one of these will actually compile...I have faith *s*).

1. Is there a significant enough difference between PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE_NP and PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE to prevent one from being used in place of the other?

2. The build for gamin-0.1.5 is dying at gam_pidname.c :
gam_pidname.c: In function 'gam_get_pidname':
gam_pidname.c:43: error: 'pidname' undeclared (first use in this function)

Removing the #ifdef statements, and just letting the function read as it would if I were using Linux, allowed the build to continue, but that can't be right, right?

Thank you all for indulging yet another set of my under-informed questions... :)


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