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[GAAAUP] Fwd: [Faculty] global skills

Subject: [GAAAUP] Fwd: [Faculty] global skills
From: Jane Elza
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:49:15 -0500
Thought some of you might be interested in this.

>Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 07:11:18 -0500
>From: Ivan Nikolov <[email protected]>
>Subject: [Faculty] global skills
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>FYI. By the way, international educators nation wide have been invited to 
>discuss the implications of this article.
>I. Nikolov
>Employers want new way to judge graduates beyond tests, grades
>By Mary Beth Marklein, <http://usatoday.com/>USA TODAY
>Colleges have been scrambling over the past year to respond to 
>recommendations from a national commission that they be clearer to the 
>public about what students have learned by the time they graduate.
>Sometime in the next several weeks, for example, a national online 
>initiative will be launched that allows families to compare colleges on 
>measures such as whether they improve a students critical-thinking skills.
>Tools for such measurements were recommended by the national commission, 
>which was created by Education Secretary Margaret Spellings. The group 
>released its recommendations in late 2006.
>Now, a sampling of the nations employers have weighed in. And they are not 
>terribly impressed.
>The survey of 301 business leaders nationwide suggests that colleges find 
>ways to assess a students ability to apply college learning to real-world 
>Forget transcripts, multiple-choice tests or institutional scores. The 
>surveyed business leaders want faculty assessment of internships, senior 
>projects or community-based work.
>Too many policymakers and educational leaders are focused on the tests 
>rather than on what is really important: whether students are learning 
>what they need to know,says Roberts Jones, president of Education & 
>Workforce Policy, a consulting firm based in Alexandria, Va.
>The survey, conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, was released 
>Tuesday by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, a 
>non-profit national organization that promotes a liberal arts education.
>It builds on a survey last year in which business leaders said 63% of 
>graduates are not prepared for the global economy.
>Carol Geary Schneider, the associations president, said the survey 
>findings suggest colleges and universities look for new ways to 
>demonstrate student success.
>We need to invent new forms of accountability that look at such issues as 
>global knowledge and self-direction and intercultural competence, not just 
>at critical thinking and communication skills,she says.
>Among survey details:
>"57% said half or fewer of todays college graduates have the full set of 
>skills and knowledge necessary to advance in todays workplace.
>And though most say graduates are reasonably well-prepared in a variety of 
>areas, they are not exceptionally strong in any.
>    * 40% said a faculty supervisors assessment of a students internship 
> in a real-world setting would be very useful.
>    * 14% said a score showing how an applicants college compares with 
> others in advancing studentscritical-thinking skills would be very useful.
>    * 13% said college transcripts are very useful.
>    * 6% said an applicants score on a multiple-choice test of general 
> content knowledge would be very useful.
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