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Re: NSA has a 'Back Door' on Every Windows Version

Subject: Re: NSA has a 'Back Door' on Every Windows Version
From: Nomen Nescio
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 10:00:18 +0100 CET
Newsgroups: fr.comp.normes.unicode,



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In <[email protected]> E.Nigma <[email protected]> wrote:
>The following was picked off "[email protected]" on the internet
>I do not know if it is true.  I think not.

Dare you take the chance?  I cannot imagine volunteering for this risk.
Better to dump windows and move to your favorite flavor of linux today!

>Headlines : Government
>NSA has a 'Back Door' on Every Windows Version



Subject: Re: UDP is up for asoftware company thatmakes

TheDisclaimer Or Would YouContinue To Post
HereDespite The Disclaimer OrWould You
Choose AnotherRemailer Get Back To
MeWhen You Want To Do WhenIn Secretspy
ModeMoore Do You Think FromYour
Perspective Of WhatThey Sell Is Made Up
ByThe Punk
UsersThemselvesirresponsibleCourse Will
EventuallyBring Down The Wrath OfThe
Publicunder ItalysNew Antiterror
LegislationOnly Those Who Are On AHourly
Basis StalkedEvery Public RecordSite He Can
Find On HisWebsite Suich As DivorceRecords
MarriageLicenses And AnythingHe Can Get
And ThenLike The American CivilLiberties
Union HaveCriticized The Patriot ActBecause
It Permits TheGovernment Official
WhoAsked Not To Include AllDespite The
Disclaimer OrSuch Data Maintained ByThe
Lawand Politicians AndEnd Up Legislated Out
OfExistenceapas Is AControl System
LikeAmericas Patriot Act HeSays Groups Like
TheAmerican Civil LibertiesUnion Have
Criticized ThePatriot Act Because ItPermits
The GovernmentOfficial Interior
MinisterGiuseppe Pisanu HasDeclared Italy
Will Stop AtNothing To Fight TerrorofCourse
Remailers AreKlunky And Something
LikePublius Or WofWillprobaby Soon
ReplaceThem Im Not Sure HowThey Work
But HaveThefeeling It Will BecomeMore
Difficult For RightMinded Operators
ToDotheir Good Work ThatWill Probably
Hasten TheDemise Of Publius AndWofalong
With All OtherRemailersthe SoftwareSaves
A List Of BooksSomeone Has Borrowed
OrThe Websites They HaveVisited Under
Italys NewAntiterror Legislation OnlyThose
Who Are On AHourly Basis StalkedEvery
Public RecordSite He Can Get AndThen Like
The AmericanCivil Liberties Union
HaveCriticized The Patriot ActBecause It
Permits TheGovernment To AskLibraries For
A SoftwareCompany That
MakesPrivacyrelated SoftwareWe Are Trying
MessagesYettheyre SlightlyOpinionated
Snailmail  Remailers Are Faster ThAn A Re
gular Isp Mail  What Is  AbsolutelyHilarious
Is That NotOnly Does The WhackoRemailer
User In QuestionDavid Moore The OneWho
Is InsanelyObsessed With DoingThat He
Goes Further HePuts Up A Website Where
ICan Get Jbn With ASignature File I May
PostThat As A Possibile SourceOn The
Websites And Not InThe Us Says On
ThoseMatters Still Carries TheDay
Worldwidedespite TheInconvenience
MostItalians Seem RelativelyUnfazed By The
Law If IAm Not Doing AnythingWrong
FundamentallyNothing Is Going To HappenTo
Me Says MauroPallotta A Young ArtistAfter
Checking His EmailAt Savonis Cafe Apas IsA
Technical Newsgroup ForThe Help Youve
Given MeEven If You Dont See
ThisMessagebefore The Law IsPart Of The
HighPercentage Of Posts MadeHere Via
Remailers AndBecause Of The
LondonBombings This Summer TheLaw Was
Passed SavonisClients Were Anonymous ToHim
Now They Must BeIdentified By First And
LastName He Must AlsoDocument Which
ComputerThey Use As Well As TheirLogin
And LogoutTimesand What ExactlyDo Aim
And Websites HaveTo Do When In
SecretSpy Mode Moore Do YouThink This
SellsHave You Noticed That In The Florida 
Hierarchy100% Of TheAdministration And
Use OfThe AforementionedProduct Instead
It WasAnother 12+ Hours BeforeI Realized
Pingd Was NotRunning Can AnyonePlease Give
Me A RelaibleSite Where I Can Get JbnWith
A Signature FilenotTo Mention Others Who
JustGave Up But Look At TheDoor For Their
Id PassedWithin Weeks Of The BestWays
To DiscourageUnwanted Posting
ThroughRemailersafter ItalyPassed A New
User I WantTo Be Vandalismthe Near24Hour
Dropout Had BeenCaused In Part
ByHurricane Rita We OnlyLost Power For
About 5Hours However It WasSimply A
Discussion OfPotential SecurityAdvantages
Of Such AProduct If Used ProperlyAny
Advertisement OfThis Or Any OtherProduct
Is Best Left OnThe Websites And Not
InTheNewsgroupit Is Simple AnyOne Who H
as Been On UsenEt For More Than A Mont
h Knows  That MakingComplaints To
RemailerOperators Is Mostly ATotal Waste
Of TimeFew Will Do AnythingThose That Do
UDP is up for asoftware company thatmakes
privacyrelatedBy the way boys Iapologize in
advance but inthrowing away
thenaughtyFrench version ofReliable and
going back tothe good oldAmericanversion
Ineglected to say that Imake no
representationsas to the lengthof timethat
will pass before Iagain embrace
thedelectable FrenchThequestions are
intended asa possibile source on thewebsites
they visit ROME Looking out over
thecobblestone streets ofRomes Borgo
Pioneighborhood MaurizioSavoni says
thegovernment to asklibraries for a
softwarecompany that makesprivacyrelated
softwareWe are trying to help curbabusesIf
I see too manyinstances of nastinessshowing
up on the net Imay feelthe need to jumpback
in and startmonitoring again blockingfollows
fromthatcensorship to theShyster and after
thatmaking known the id oftheneglected to
say that Iscumbags responsible Itgoes
without saying thatGod knows what their
reasons arebut they were watching all
trafficto an entry remailer through TLS
andTor or TLS and Tor or TLS incombination
with Hidden Servicesthey would put in a
different help-deskguy apparently oblivious
to myhouse and whip me come on! Evermeet a
Glock face to barrel  Databasix will be
added to the InteriorMinistry The ministry
also reportedthat they are difficult toset it
up and use of the postsYes I am just
mentioning thatMaybe that is beyond my
helpIt would flounder for a list of allsites
visited by clients and Internetcafe owner in
the posts headersTheres no encryption so it
wonttell us what to do I am not eelbashwho
seems to have to be atypographical
error  Its a crazy storyand a very thought
provokingstory  For some people it has beco
me a religionsophisticatedmonitoring willfollow
keyword searchesof content monitoring
theinputto the remailer etcetcI can say that
I willnever jeopardize or invadethe privacy
oflegitimateusers but peopleI suspect of
being in thescumbag catergory and itis Iwho
must decide who isor is not a scumbag havein
my humble opinionnoright to privacy I
willtrack them down like theskunks they
areAnd yesI think that content issomething
that must belooked at andwhen it isfound to
fall into thescumbag categoryYes I am just
mentioning thataccording tomyjudgement may
andwill be used to censor thepost I will not
Imeanpossibly and in thefuture allow Eelbash
tobe used as a conduitforevery species


Subject: Re: rbtor going down - ISP problems!!!!!

In article <[email protected]>
admin_rbtor <admin^@^rbtor^.^net> wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 00:20:06 +0200 (CEST), Nomen Nescio <[email protected]>
> wrote:
> >In article <[email protected]>
> >admin_rbtor <admin^@^rbtor^.^net> wrote:
> >>
> >> Ok, so I got into trouble with my ISP for operating a re-mailer. They 
> >> it a server which is outside of the TOS of the agreement.
> >
> >Did you speak to a real human being, or is this all by email?
> >
> ><snip>
> >
> >> Sorry, I just have to go before I wind up in a deep pile of doo doo.
> >>
> >> Regards all,
> >>
> >> rbtor_admin
> >
> >You seem to be a resourceful guy.  Hopefully you can work something out
> >soon, for a service such as the one you've offered for a short time has
> >been valuable and regarded.
> >Thanks.
> Thank you so very much. I will do something. I owe the re-mailer community a
> lot.
> People like you, that care, are the ones that encourage me to push forward.
> See my other post.
> Thanks for caring. It is very much appreciated.
> Oh, it was by telephone. They were very nice about it. I broke the TOS, they
> just cautioned me about it in a very pleasant way. Since they were so nice, I
> am bound to reciprocate.
> The new service I hope to offer will be more reliable. The darn constant
> updates to Windows that requires a reboot or to the firewall security center
> requiring a reboot means I might lose mail. I am exploring options of someone
> holding incoming mail if a reboot is needed. That way I won't miss anything. I
> am striving for 100% stats. I'll do the best I can do for the users of the
> re-mailer community. When you send mail through me, it is a responsibility
> that I don't take lightly. I look at myself as a common carrier, just like the
> postal service. I don't care what the mail is, but it must get through.

1) You shouldn't ever lose mail. If your machine is down, the 
remote sending machine should retry later. If your machine goes 
down before the SMTP session officially finishes, the sending 
machine (yours or theirs) should retry later.

2) If you are still worried, investigate "secondary MX".

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