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JPasswords 0.5.0 - A cryptographic password database.

Subject: JPasswords 0.5.0 - A cryptographic password database.
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 16:18:28 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: fm.announce
JPasswords 0.5.0  
  by Wolfgang Keller (
  Sun, Sep 2nd 2007 09:18 

JPasswords is a compact and user-friendly program to keep passwords in
encrypted databases of a high security level. Database files are
compatible with the "Password Safe V3" format defined by a program of

An undo manager for any kind of database modifications. A new program
operation modus "PORTABLE-MODUS", performing automatic control and
adjustment of platform-specific program settings (enables you to carry a
JPWS installation on a removable storage device). The ability to switch
between four file access security levels for a database. Automated file
backup on save operations and comfortable reverting to backup states. The
database format is Password Safe 3.2. 

Release focus: Major feature enhancements 
      License: GNU General Public License (GPL) 
  Project URL:

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