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Ripple 0.4 - A scripting language for the Semantic Web.

Subject: Ripple 0.4 - A scripting language for the Semantic Web.
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 00:44:39 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: fm.announce
Ripple 0.4  
  by Joshua Shinavier (
  Sat, Sep 1st 2007 17:44 

Ripple is a dedicated scripting language for the Semantic Web. Ripple
programs not only query the Semantic Web, but also reside within it as RDF
data structures, forming a global network of interlinked programs. Ripple
is best classified as a relational stack language, closely related to
functional stack languages such as Joy, Factor, and Cat. As a Semantic Web
interface, Ripple is a fast, text-based linked data crawler and browser
with all of the flexibility of a Turing-complete programming language.  

New features include streaming query results, floating point math, RDF
document primitives, literal reification and type-casting primitives,
string and regular expression primitives, hooks into selected Semantic Web
services, owl:sameAs smushing for backwards compatibility, an extension
loader, concurrent HTTP connections for faster crawling, crawler
etiquette, more unit tests and an improved launcher script, and a
context-preserving TriG cache.  

Release focus: Initial freshmeat announcement 
      License: MIT/X Consortium License 
  Project URL:

           Demo site:
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