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Bare XML 0.11 - A minimal Perl XML parser implemented via a C++ state e

Subject: Bare XML 0.11 - A minimal Perl XML parser implemented via a C++ state engine.
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 02:59:19 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: fm.announce
Bare XML 0.11  
  by David Helkowski (
  Sun, Jun 24th 2007 19:59 

Bare XML is a "bare" XML parser with all primary parsing done via a simple
state engine with about 20 or so different states. A tree structure is
created during parsing, with all node names and values linked via pointers
directly into the original text buffer. As such, Bare XML is extremely fast
and simple. Currently, the parser is available in a perl module with Perl
glue to turn the created tree into a Perl hash tree. The module name is

XS code ha been changed so that it is backwards compatible with older
versions of Perl. XS code ha been changed to use 'blind' pointers, a
custom created Perl Scalar. Speed is increased as a result for XML with
large contiguous values. XS routines are 30% more efficient. The speed of
parsing and Perl hash creation is now very good in comparison to all
currently available alternatives in Perl. The library ha been rewritten
using XS instead of SWIG. The parser has been rewritten in C to avoid
dependency on g++. After node parsing, C tree structure memory is now

Release focus: Code cleanup 
      License: Perl License 
  Project URL:

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