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FlowPlayer 1.7.1 - An FLV player for the Web.

Subject: FlowPlayer 1.7.1 - An FLV player for the Web.
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 21:40:45 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: fm.announce
FlowPlayer 1.7.1  
  by api (
  Sun, Oct 22nd 2006 14:40 

FlowPlayer is a video player for Flash Video in FLV format. The UI is clean
and simple. The player is easy to configure and embed into your home page,
site, or blog. 

FLV video dimensions are now detected from the FLV metadata. The different
resizing options are based on these detected dimensions. Initially, the
size is maximized according to the 'videoHeight' setting. The aspect ratio
of the video is always preserved. Adobe Flash Media Server seems to send
the FLV metadata again and again when seeking. This caused unnessessary
rearranging of the thumbnails. The thumnail list's scrollbar is now hidden
if all thumbnails fit the available visible space. There are fixes
correspoding to the following bugs filed in SourceForge: 1574640, 1581085,
and 1568612. 

Release focus: Major bugfixes 
      License: The Apache License 2.0 
  Project URL:

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