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Sotacs 0.9 - Components for the Tapestry Web framework.

Subject: Sotacs 0.9 - Components for the Tapestry Web framework.
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 09:08:10 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: fm.announce
Sotacs 0.9  
  by perseios (
  Fri, Oct 13th 2006 02:08 

Sotacs is a collection of components for the Tapestry Web Framework. It
provides 'NavigationBar', a JavaScript-powered hierarchical navigation bar
with collapsable folders, mouse-over highlighting, and selection
highlighting, 'DynamicImage', which produces JPEG or PNG images on the
server with an AWT-like painting listener method and sophisticated caching
options, 'AjaxTextField', an AJAX powered text field that supports
auto-complete hints in a pop-up box, and 'TransparentPNG', which makes
alpha-transparent .png images display correctly on all browsers incuding
Internet Explorer 5. 

An API was added to DynamicImage to generate image maps with tooltips. It
is also possible to add both JavaScript and/or DirectLink events to the
map areas. The "encoding" parameter was introduced into NavigationBar,
allowing non-ASCII characters to be interpreted correctly by the caching
mechanism. Menu intialization is performed inmediately after inserting the
menu in the page. The DTD for the validation of the XML is now retrieved
from the library.  

Release focus: N/A 
      License: The Apache License 2.0 
  Project URL:

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