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ModSecurity Console 1.0.0-rc-4 - A real-time monitoring and log aggrega

Subject: ModSecurity Console 1.0.0-rc-4 - A real-time monitoring and log aggregation solution for ModSecurity.
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 18:06:13 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: fm.announce
ModSecurity Console 1.0.0-rc-4  
  by Ivan Ristic (
  Wed, Jul 12th 2006 11:06 

ModSecurity Console is a real-time monitoring and log agreggation solution
for ModSecurity. It is a self-contained package (it consists of an
event-collecting daemon, Web server, and database engine) written in pure
Java (can be deployed on any platform that supports JRE 1.4 or better).
Features include secure log centralisation (done over SSL), alert
management and notification, customisable reporting, and DNS and
geographic IP resolution. 

This release adds the ability to update many alerts at once, and search by
global transaction ID or sensor transaction ID. A setting has been added
to the alert auto-close feature to restrict its operation by alert
severity. Performance improvements and polish throughout. 

Release focus: Minor feature enhancements 
      License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial 
  Project URL:

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