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Re: Temporary FI platform

Subject: Re: Temporary FI platform
From: Ricky Zhou
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 21:42:21 -0400
On 2009-08-14 09:19:12 PM, Mel Chua wrote:
>> How will access be defined? Will there be more of a web-based "apply
>> for access / permissions" thing, or will it be tied to my
>> fedoraproject id? And if it is the latter, is there a specific group I
>> should apply to to get the ball rolling?
> Ideally, it'll be tied to FAS. I'm not sure how much work that will be  
> to hook up, though - so we'll start with just "create a web-based  
> account" until that looks like it isn't going to work much longer.  
> (Which should be pretty soon; my personal panic-meter on this is  
> probably going to kick in around a dozen test users or so.)
I think docs has already done a good amount of work for FAS integration,
so definitely ask them about that :-)  Hopefully this kind of thing
won't need particularly fine grained permissions though - I don't know
how much of that is supported by the FAS plugin that the docs team had.
I'd definitely like to see the code for that somewhere though :-)

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