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Re: LWN article about us

Subject: Re: LWN article about us
From: "Jason Lim"
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 17:28:32 +0800
> IMHO, we should stick with RHL73.
> When we get FC2 support, I suggest dropping FC1.  There will be WAY
> too many FC releases to take care of all of them, so I suggest just
> handling the latest.
> Those users which have installed Fedora Core should have realized that
> it has much shorter support cycle, and they need to upgrade to newer
> releases of FC to stay current.

Even though we don't have any RH7.3 servers anymore, I agree with you.
Anyone installing Fedora Core knows in advanced it is not going to be a
"stable" or "long release" distro, and they know they are expected to
upgrade constantly.

There was no such expectation with RHL9, and to an extent 7.3.

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