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Re: New Comps Groups

Subject: Re: New Comps Groups
From: Nicolas Mailhot
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 01:01:01 +0100
Le lundi 27 novembre 2006 Ã 18:19 -0500, Jeremy Katz a Ãcrit :

> The problem is that you're using the argument of "all packages need to
> be in comps, so we need to add groups" when comps was _never_ intended
> to be an exhaustive list of every package.  

Well, maybe comps was not intended to be a lot of things, but when it
was decided not to fix rpm groups and use comps as the only
classification method of yum repositories, comps graduated to another

> You'd be better off solving that problem with a) include it as a
> step in the review process and b) integration with the push scripts to
> provide notification/questioning when a new package is added to the
> repository and isn't listed in comps.

This may scale at the redhat level but in a community context it
doesn't. Automation is a lifesaver.

Nicolas Mailhot
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