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Re: RFC: FESCo Future

Subject: Re: RFC: FESCo Future
From: seth vidal
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 11:20:55 -0400
> > > * Are you FESCO's delegate/representative to FPB?
> > 
> > nope
> Bad - Again, no democracy.

maybe I'm confused - where was the promise of democracy?

I don't remember seeing one apriori the board coming together. 

> As you outlined, FPB is governing and directing FESCO. 
> This is a conflict of interests. Your double-role would not be a problem
> if you had been elected/delegated, but you apparently have been not. 

I disagree, I see no conflict at all.

moreover I don't see how election/delegation changes this.

> I know, and it IS causing me headaches - Remember, we are not talking
> about particular persons, we are talking about roles, responsibilities,
> supervision, monitoring and control.

But we are talking about particular people.

I'm a particular person.

> ATM, I am just asking questions to clarify things. Unfortunately, I
> sense no indication of democracy.

Again - where did the assumption of democracy come from?


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