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Improper CVS Branching Requests

Subject: Improper CVS Branching Requests
From: Warren Togami
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 16:59:42 -0500
  * FC-4 FC-5 anjuta anjuta-docs anjuta-debuginfo
  * FC-4 FC-5 fuse-emulator fuse-emulator-debuginfo
  * FC-4 FC-5 lib765 lib765-devel lib765-debuginfo
  * FC-4 FC-5 libdsk libdsk-devel libdsk-tools
  * FC-4 FC-5 libspectrum libspectrum-devel
  * FC-4 FC-5 z88dk

I am not sure who did this, but please know that CVS branching is done only on the source RPM of each package. Please do not list each sub binary package name here.

Warren Togami
[email protected]

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