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Re: FC-4 Extras buildsystem breakage details

Subject: Re: FC-4 Extras buildsystem breakage details
From: Orion Poplawski
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 14:44:16 -0700
Dan Williams wrote:

We should also start up a discussion about how to prevent problems of
this nature in the future.  We would not have noticed the problem had
boa not been conflicting with mock, but the real issue of dap-server
providing perl-HTML-Parser modules itself would still have been a
problem, albeit a silent one.  If there are scripts, rules, and/or
pre-submit checks which could be performed at various stages, it might
go a long way towards prevent this sort of breakage in the future.

A crude one might be to have mock check the names of the packages installed by "groupinstall build" against a list of "approved" packages. This list should be static for all releases, and nearly so for rawhide.

I've been bitten too by a package providing a file that conflicts with another package. Provides should be checked for conflicts too, although there would have to be a white list of Provides that are allowed to be duplicated - like webserver. Since this info is all in the repo data, shouldn't be too bad to write. :-)

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