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Re: Maintainership: dietlibc

Subject: Re: Maintainership: dietlibc
From: Enrico Scholz
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 18:18:58 +0100
dwmw2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (David Woodhouse) writes:

>> Can you tell me the output of
>> | $ echo | gcc -E -dM - | egrep -i 'ppc|power'
> #define __PPC__ 1
> #define _ARCH_PPC 1
> #define __powerpc__ 1
> #define __PPC 1
> #define __powerpc 1
> #define PPC 1
> #define powerpc 1
> Let me have a SSH public key if you want an account on a suitable
> machine.

Thx; I create a cross-toolchain in the meantime, and see that there is
no trivial way to enable 'diet-dyn' for PPC. Your bug is easy to fix
(replace a lowercase '__ppc__' with uppercase '__PPC__'), but then
ppc/dyn_syscalls.S is missing (which is more or less trivial to fix
also), but then a large assembler block is required in libdl/_dl_main.c
where I do not have an idea how to implement it.

The 'make dyn' target is disabled for PPC now.

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