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Re: DocsRawhide

Subject: Re: DocsRawhide
From: "Paul W. Frields"
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 08:07:11 -0500
On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 18:49 -0600, Patrick Barnes wrote:
> Tommy Reynolds wrote:
> > Uttered Patrick Barnes <[email protected]>, spake thus:
> >
> > > Everything that goes into the package is now there in CVS.  Grab it,
> > > play with it, break it, etc.  The Makefile supports 'tarball' and 'srpm'
> > > targets.
> >
> > Why was this put under "docs-common/bin/build-docs"?  Anybody care if
> > I move it up into a "docs-common/docs/build" place?
> >
> No objections here.  I stuck it where I did as I was replacing the
> script at that location.  I didn't know if it would fit in better
> anywhere else.  If you think it belongs at docs-common/docs/build, then
> by all means feel free.  Note that the package name is set to build-docs.

Tommy, did you finish your move operation?  I see the dead files (ca. 12
hours ago) in the ViewCVS listing, but they don't appear in HEAD yet at
the new location.  If you are getting a Round Tuit, no problem, just

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