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Re: Callout style + error

Subject: Re: Callout style + error
From: Tommy Reynolds
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 07:17:55 -0500
Uttered "Paul W. Frields" <stickster@xxxxxxxxx>, spake thus:

> On Mon, 2005-05-16 at 11:46 -0500, Thomas Jones wrote:
> > > So I bow to the mercy of the mailinglist and ask for help. What is the 
> > > standardized styling and location of the callout images? I have built 
> > > custom callouts for current development of my xml sources; but didn't 
> > > want to stray from standard practice.
> I have no previous experience with callouts, other than looking at how
> they're used in "DocBook:TDG."  My chief concern with callouts would be
> the impaired-reader issue.  How, if at all, do callouts affect readers
> who, for instance, are visually impaired and use audible reader
> software?  I would think that if there is a way to avoid callouts that
> does not make the document overly cumbesome, it would be wise to do so.

AFAICT, there has not been a position taken on callouts.  The
impaired-reader issue is best solved by adding audio content because
even with text-to-audio support NONE of the pictures and such can be
rendered to audio, though pehaps the <textobject> tag might be picked
up.  DocBook has special audio-related tags when or if we get round
to making an audio translation of the material.

Perhaps we could get Garrett LeSage, who did the "stylesheet-images/"
icons for us, to render some peachy-keen callout digits.  If not, I
could probably SVG a few.

As for the crappy archive searches: YES!  My solution was to get a
gmail.com account and subscribe to the list from there in addition to
my "working" account on my desktop.  That lets me use their nifty
search tools to scan the archives.

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